Load Shedding! What Load shedding?


Load Shedding! What Load shedding?

You don’t have to worry about load shedding here at Loerie’s Call Guest House

What Load Shedding

Santam has it so right – South Africa is a unique country, really “One of a kind.” From our sandy beaches, braai vleis and “chop en dop”, to the distinctive ‘bukkuzzi’, our typically South African Car guards and, of course, load shedding. You will find load shedding defined as “a measure of last resort to prevent the collapse of the power system country-wide.” When South Africa’s power station capacity is insufficient to meet the high Winter driven demands of the many cold and hungry consumers of South Africa, Eskom (the national power supplier) must then sometimes resort to load shedding to prevent the system from becoming unbalanced.

And let’s face it – living without electricity is hard! Even if it is only for two and half hour stretches at a time. Just this morning, while watching my baby girl stare fixatedly at the reflection of the bed side lamp in the window, I thought to myself how very different life must have been way back when – before bricks, and glass…and electricity. Now I can cope with the occasional candle-lit bath and a romantic cocktail (or three) in the dark while watching the sun go down, but when it comes time to start cooking dinner, the lights had better be on. And so help Eskom if they let load shedding come between me and Harvey Specter – I’m just saying.

Well, at Loerie’s Call Guest house, you should never have to worry about load shedding again. After the first few days (and evenings) of electrical interruptions, as a 5 Star Accommodation establishment, we here at Loerie’s Call realized that our guests deserved much more than a shrug of the shoulders and “Sorry, there is nothing we can do about it.” Because there was something we could do! Marius and Leana (the owners) got straight to work sourcing generators, having a shed built to house them (so that the noise would not cause a disturbance) and Voila! Two behemoth sized generators capable of supplying power not only to Loerie’s Call guest house, but also to our sister guest house, Francolin Lodge and our on-site A La Carte restaurant, The Orange Restaurant. With these bad boys in place and set to switch on automatically when the electricity goes off, we can now proudly announce that “even when there is load shedding in Nelspruit, you will not be left in the dark.” Not only will the lights stay on, but so too will all the plug points in each room, as well as the TV’s, the heaters, the air cons, the geysers, well everything – all powered, all the time…all for you, our very important guest.

So, when you are looking for quality 5 Star Accommodation in Nelspruit, with all the trimmings, remember that our dedicated staff here at Loerie’s Call Guest house offers a service and facilities above and beyond. We go the extra mile to ensure that your stay with us is as close to exceptional as it can be.

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